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The War of the Few on the Many

Modest numbers show up for pro-Walker rally in Wisconsin,

The rally's organizer, Americans for Prosperity, launched a $320,000 television ad campaign in support of Walker's proposal last month. The group is heavily financed by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, who own Koch Industries Inc. and who supported Walker's election campaign.

Tax cuts, followed by cries of "We are broke," followed by cuts in social services, and union busting - funded by two of the wealthiest closely held business owners, and two of the biggest "philanthropists" in the country. From such efforts, their own wealth increases. From the increase more financial, political, and philanthropic clout to hammer the multitudes. "We are broke; repeal the estate tax." With enough cash for propaganda, and a citizenry as ignorant as our own, even that non sequiter could rally a crowd of low income Tea Party conservatives. Best to beat down the high school educators, bust tenure in colleges, and test every student every year for compliance with the strictures of authoritarian education.