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Conservative Think Tank Seeks Michigan Profs' Emails About Wisconsin Union Battle

Philanthropic dollars from Koch, the Amway family, and the Blackwater family filtered through The Mackinac Center Think Tank, working in the public interest.

The Mackinac Center has long pushed for several of the controversial proposals put forward by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R), including one which would allow state government to step in when local municipalities face financial crises and declare, as one supportive legislator put it, "financial martial law," including abrogating union contracts.

To get broke enough to advance this agenda tax cuts for the wealthy and for business are essential. From which further funding can flow in the public interest. From which, unions being broken further profits acrrue. From which flow...This is what we in the trade call catalytic philanthropy, with high social return on investment. So, in a just world, virtue is rewarded. Losers continue to lose worse and worse as God intended, until in a flat world they are starving in Madison, WI as in Calcutta. Nothing can be done, Sweetie, as my boss rightly says. Its what the market wants, Honey. The hidden hand of my good friends.

Mining Twitter for Market Intelligence

I had thought Twitter a total narcissistic waste of time, but now I see it can be used to promote Wealth Bondage. Worse than that, Candidia, she who rules us all, now has made it an official part of my job. "Build Wealth Bondage Brands via Twitter or your ass is mine." As if I were not already busy commercializing philanthropy at her behest. Well, measure and manage. I am to keep track of the time I spend on this and the dollars that result. Then Candy herself can help me prioritize.  I mentioned this to Tutor, my self educated alter ego, and he said, "There is a moment in every day that Satan's watchfiends cannot find (Blake)" I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but it sounds profound. Back to work.

Liberal Learning Passport but not in the US

Globe and Mail:

Michael Ignatieff announced a new $1-billion education program Tuesday aimed at helping high school students, especially those from low-income families, get to college or university.

The “Canadian Learning Passport” will offer $4,000 tax-free grants to every high school student who chooses to go to university, college or CEGEP, according to a news release given to reporters covering the Ignatief campaign.

Like the GI Bill this sounds like socialism. Wealth belongs in very few hands. As wealth advisors we should plan the wealthy to have dynastic wealth - for at least 100 years. The more smart poor people who get into a good College, the fewer scions of wealth can go. Best that those who are born to money get the best education so they can rule both parties more wisely. That is why when the little morons can't get into a good school, even with Daddy being on the Board and giving massive amounts, I rent myself out as a peripatetic Morals Tutor. It doesn't pay well, but it is my way of giving back to my country. I have offered my services gratis, a kind of free intensive moral care, to the Koch family and await their reply. Selfishness is the silent killer not only of conscience, but increasingly of our civilization. Machiavelli is worth the little Prince's reading, as is Adam Smith, but so too are Kant and Kafka. Will noblesse oblige? How can it when it has become so narrowly educated and so ignoble.

Barbara Blouin's Blog

Barbara is an inheritor; she is also very well educated in the liberal arts, higly self reflective, and an accomplished writer and interviewer. In her blog she reflects on inherited wealth. Those of us who work with first generation wealth to pass money to heirs would do well read her. Planners ought to pay as much attention to how wealth is received as they do to how it is created and transmitted.