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Wear Your Free Wealth Bondgage HeadGear in the Public Square

Gulls Flock to Times Square

Albert Ruesga, on The Challenge of Consumerism to Nonprofit Work. Along the same lines, all day today, the first of a new year of the same old same old, I have been hearing,

Markets are conversations - Cluetrain

Conversations are markets - Zuckerberg and every other Man of the Year, Woman of the Year

The personal is political, and all is branded and consumed in Wealth Bondage, our Freedom Pen. I could not help noticing how New Years in NYC had been co-opted by Nivea. Free Hats and the Freedom to Wear Advertisements. Dionysus pulling the carriage of Cost Benefit Analysis. The free mad hatter hats should turn a pretty penny. The banker is relieved it all worked out as planned.

On the plus side, some beer and champaign is still on ice.