Boom in Philanthropy Predicted
Shaping State Laws to Suit the Jailer

Progressives Marked for Death, Plead that they are Innocuous

Dear Fox News Advertiser. Tides calls on Fox advertisers to defund not only Beck but the network itself, after Tides staff are targeted for death by a loyal Beck viewer. What I keep listening for and do not yet hear is the discussion of corporate power, demagoguery, and the empowerment of losers. That is what Fascism was. The dregs of society were given uniforms, exempted from taboos about violence, told who were the scapegoats, and turned loose to bully all who stood in the way of the demagogue and, say, IG Farben. The dots to be connected go beyond Fox, and include think tanks promoting anti-regulatory populism at the behest of board members from, say, KKR. The dots include Supreme Court justices raised up from the campuses over time by right wing funding of campus groups and the Federalist Society. The outcroppings of corporate power to corrupt and inflame and to attack democracy as "big government" are readily visible, but the analysis of the foundation, the tectonic plates, through which this lava erupts, is nonexistent. Tides and others should fund a far better analysis of our current national turn for the worse. We don't have much time left before corporate money corrupts our government, and the justice system, while the corporate sponsored media range from passively reporting our decline, between advertisements, to actively promoting the misinformation that inflames and empowers the ignorant and the resentful, enlisting them as useful, violent idiots to intimidate and silence reasoned opposition to corporate rule. To my ears, the Tide communications sound weak, timid, wistful, and scared. "Please, Sir, stop beating us! We mean no harm! We are not radicals, Sir, please Sir, we are just wimpy people in an office pushing paper, Sir, we are not activists on the front lines, we mean no harm, Sir! We just want some civility around here, is that ok?" The strong prevail, the weak perish, so goes the free market philosophy. Whether we are crushed by force, or pacified by entertainment, or intimidated into silence, in the end, there is no outside of Wealth Bondage. We may as well celebrate it. To be fair and balanced, if you object to this post, please send me money care of Candidia Cruikshanks. She is the biggest fan Glen Beck has, and has agreed to make up any shortfall in his advertising revenue. As for myself, being beaten half to death is something I pay pay extra for, when I have a few dollars to spend on myself. I lick the blood from the boot that kicks me. I should get it good for this one, at no cost to me. A free beating, for my own good, and that of our community in Wealth Bondage, Where America Goes to Hell.