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Jim Kunstler on the slow-motion economic emergency and its likely outcome:

This failure of credentialed and elected authorities will surely unleash the crazies as we skid toward fall. Legitimacy hates a vacuum. The absence of a reality-based consensus for action will invite a consensus based on other things such as the lust for vengeance, the labeling of scapegoats, patriotic gore, and all the alternate trappings of a politics-gone-mad. Enjoy the heat and the clam rolls wherever you are in the meantime, and when you come home don't be surprised if you no longer recognize the country you're in.

What literary, philosophical, and religious traditions tell us over and over again is that blindness is a moral disease. The cure for blindness is metanoia, a change of paradigm, a change of heart, translated as repentance. Our blindness as educated people is culpable.  Into the vacuum we have created, by feeding the heart on fantasy, will come the demogogues. Wealth Bondage is that of which we must not speak, precisely because we are prisoners of it, or its factotums, speechwriters, teachers, fundraisers, and media personalities. Until we acknowledge our sickness, we cannot be cured. And until we are cured we are contagious.