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Sharia Compliant Ethical Investing is Booming

Ron Robins, Founder & Analyst - Investing for the Soul, in

“…investors globally hold more than $1.5 trillion in Sharia-compliant investments… [and] there are more than 500 funds globally that comply with Islamic principles, of which one-third of these funds were launched during the past four years, and the figure is projected to double in the coming five years… ” said Abdul Rahman Al Baker, executive director of financial institutions supervision at the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) at the Sixth World Conference of Islamic capital markets and investment funds on May 24.

Ethical investing adumbrates an ethical self, an ethical tradition, a community, and very often a religious community supported by scripture, clergy, ritual, and sometimes war too. The Market, or as we call it here, Wealth Bondage: Values Neutral Desire Satisfaction, by contrast says, "Whatever works is good enough." The Market as adjudicator seems more reasonable, or more Enlightened, in a way than weighing Quaker social investing , Baptist social investing, Gay/Bi/Lesbian/Transgendered social investing versus Sharia compliant investing. Yet, the market too has its Idols, and its tacit violence has produced creatures, more beast than human, that only a most merciful God could love, much less redeem. (Believe me, I tried redeeming my clients from sin, and came up short, no less than their parents had or their preacher.) Now, I am just a Serving Professional, a pander, serving desire, like all the other Successful Advisors to Wealth. I myself see all these values-based investing traditions as equally valid, insofar as each produces sales, commissions, and assets under management for Wealth Bondage. It is all Values-Based Planning to me. Of course values are relative. Pick the values-based investing tradition that is right for you!