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Patrons of the Imagination

Jon Rappoport at No More Fake News channeling Catherine Austin Fitts. Wm Blake would have read this with pleasure, as might Adam Smith. If only funders more often saw their role in this light. Imagination breaks the mind forged manacles of Wealth Bondage, whether of fake news, empty entertainment, brands, political propaganda, materialism, or stereotypes of left and right, leaving us free to create - including small, local, forprofit enterprises, including farms and ranches, that sustain a family. Catherine always reminds me that what we call Free Markets stand to truly free and fair enterprise as a Bordello stands to a marriage of true minds - a simulacrum and a perversion.  What we have now are markets rigged to serve those whose imagination is not moral, nor life giving, to say the freaking least. But then again, I find my views are becoming more normal as the Therapy takes hold. You can have a little too much moral imagination, as Mistress Candidia reminds me. I have nothing but good things to say about those set above me. Next step is lobotomy, but if need be, so be it. Then I could at least pass for a normal consumer of Wealth Bondage. You are lucky that you always were normal. I am speaking now as myself, as far as I can tell.