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Missy Proctor Needs a Pompous Ass for a Mentor

Daddy's dating another Bimbo, this time Miss Tits and Ass herself from Argentina. May get married for the umpteenth time. Gawd, I hope they do a prenup. I don't want to get screwed - literally - out of my rightful inheritance. Legacy this and legacy that. What total crap, Daddy, just give me the fucking money
. Like, now would be good. And spare me the goddamn Mentors, Daddy Dearest, you pathetic old fart. When you are dead the last thing I need is another pompous ass like you at some fucking Trust Company. Pass on family values? It is not like you are so perfect. Look at him with his hands all over her.  - Missy Proctor, Admiral Harlan Proctor's daughter, overheard last night at the Wealth Bondage Charity Ball, where I serve as a taxi dancer to pick up a few extra dollars to support my philanthropy habit.