What is Wealth Bondage? Frequently Asked Questions
The Epicurean Dealmaker

I Am Glad to be Back


I am feeling much better. Please disregard my recent post, written when I was so sick. I appreciate all of you who have sent get well cards to me in the asylum. (Such an odd word, asylum for a padded cell, forced feeding, shock therapy, and a straight-jacket with adult diaper. Asylum from what?) I did not have to undergo the lobotomy, after all. I have been pronounced well enough to go home and resume my normal duties. I can't even remember what I was upset about, something to do with the collapse of the Atlantic ocean, the biosphere generally, the death of a mentor, the restructuring of democracy into a corporate enterprise, the sovereign debt crisis, drones killing people at long distance, the loss of civil rights in a time of terror, and other crazy stuff like that. Now, I see it was all a bunch of nothing. It is all normal. Life is good. I am ready to accept delegation again and do as told by those set above me. Thank you all for bearing with me. Hope you have been well, or that your own meds work as advertised. Trust the process. I didn't use to, but I do now. Wealth Bondage does not exist, I can well attest to that, I have been there and I am never going back. Now, let's talk about philanthropy: What would you like to change or preserve in the world?