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Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front

Pope's Brother to Testify in Abuse Case

There is no indication that the Pope's brother knew anything of what happened at the rigorously disciplined boys' choir before he got there. Nor have he and the Pope discussed it. Someone is out to get the Church. Media are creating a circus. Why is it, though, that the Devil so delights in bedeviling the holy? Dionysus became the fallen, stinking, priapic, goat god of the cleft hoof. Dionysus - he of drunkenness, frenzy, riot and berserk violence - was the great god of satire, where the order of the world is inverted to reveal its true nature. We can no more renounce the devil than we can renounce physicality, the abuse of power, and the pleasures of sanctimony, hierarchy, gorgeous costumes, pageantry and hypocrisy. The more we denounce and externalize the devil, the more we cast him into hell, the more Satanic we become. That was the truth of the great ages of satire, and I am sure a long exploded heresy, for which any number of heretics have been burned at the stake by any number of holy men holding the cross before the sinner's eyes and feasting on his agony.