Delegates of the Southern States Resolution and Appeal

The Charter for Compassion Affirmed by Satan's Thralls

As Quixote is accompanied by Sancho Panza, so the Man of Compassion is accompanied by Satan. Genesis, the Book of Job, Abraham and Isaac, the Flood, the plagues of Egypt, the smiting by God's heroes of some neighboring tribe, the stadium brought down by blind Sampson, rivers of blood, Horseman of the Apocalypse, the harrowing of hell, anathema, the Bible helps us make sense of life because it contains every perverse and violent and chest thumping misbehavior of which humankind of capable of, or of which a God Almighty is capable of. What would you think of a Mob Boss who was offended by his secretary eating an apple he had told her not to eat, who takes as atonement the blood of his tortured son, as the only sacrifice sufficient to assuage his malignant narcissism? He so loved us did this Mob Boss that he killed his own son rather than millions of others. Would you say of such a God in such a book that the message is compassion? To Karen Armstrong I would say embrace the whole of what religion and art teach. Otherwise you will leave the Satanic elements in our nature to the very venture capitalists and MBAs who sit applauding your speeches at TED.  On the other hand, if Goldie Hawn is among the Affirmers of the Charter for Compassionthis must be serious. Then again, if by compassion you mean the Way of the Cross, or, as the Dalai Lama might, in the face of Chinese suppression of Buddhism, then it is another matter. If you meant repentance. If you mean atonement. If you mean reform. If you mean scorning the Temptation of the Kingdoms. If you mean turning the other cheek. If you mean civil disobedience unto death. Do you? Or do you mean something so much more soft, pleasant, morally superior, and conflict free that the devil goes elsewhere, following your Affirmers back to Wealth Bondage where they work their upscale magic still, though with greater compassion for those who must suffer. How about The Charter for Compunction. That I would sign if you would.