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Values-Based Planning with Biblical Wisdom, Other Wisdom, or None at All

"All good financial advice is based on Biblical wisdom....that is your valued added as a Christian financial advisor," Ron Blue at Kingdom Advisors. If you flinch at the word, Biblical, with what word would you replace it? I found myself saying, "Yes, Biblical, and/or the liberal arts, or at least some wisdom tradition richer and deeper than market ideals of consumption, self-aggrandizment, and control." We are so often slaves of money, in bondage to wealth. We are the indentured servants of brands, the idols of the marketplace erected that we might worship our own vanities and trifles. Nor am I free of sin. How can a good planner not at least try to liberate his or her clients, and we ourselves as advisors, from our money addiction? "Give all you have to the poor and follow me!" remains the most flagrantly provocative financial recommendation ever given by a healer to those he would cure. Even Diogenes,  naked in his barrel, had less nerve. I was taught that the way of Christ is the way of the cross. I in my Gift Tub follow Diogenes because he never had to pay that ultimate price.