Beware the Moralist, as you would a Rabid Dog
Hyperagency: How Gargantua Reformed All of Paris

The Reasonable Moralists in a World Run Mad

Beware the earnest moralist, as you would a rabid dog!, saith the Tutor. Yes, I have distinguished friends who are determined to hold moral reflections or civic dialogs on topics that make the Town Meetings on Healthcare look amiable. To them I would say, Welcome! Your project is as mad as could be, and that (not your apparent moderation and reasonableness) is its saving grace. When it dawns on you that you are either insane, in a sane world, or sane in a mad world, how will you comport yourself? My suggestion is to take off all your clothes and climb into the nearest dumpster with Diogenes. That will save your critics the trouble of tossing you there.