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A Moralist Examines His Own Face in a Mirror by Lamplight

Swearing off Menippean Satire Once and For All

I am at a crossroads in life and with this blog. I am in agreement with Oscar Wilde on the importance of being earnest. Our country, our species, our planet are in peril. For solutions we have a national debt we can not repay and media-talk of an upturn.The moral dimension of philanthropy calls for earnest civic reflection, much like the health plan town meetings, only more so. And here I am loitering naked in a Dumpster, making my daily diatribe, with my imaginary friends in Wealth Bondage, whereas my real friends, of course, are entirely Free, because the Markets are Free, speech is Free, and also the country is Free. On the advice of Dr. Chadwallah, from here on I am going to be as serious as Friar John each Lent. Mardis Gras! get thee hence. I will preach the ten commandments, going light on adultery, bearing false witness, stealing, cursing, disrespecting elders, coveting, and the other unpopular ones; take confession, and impose penance. No one can object to that. I am called by God, or a god, or a fallen angel. I am not sure which, but it sure is intoxicating.