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Framing Philanthropy - Your Frame's As Good as Mine, Jack

Via The Happy Tutor,

Sitting around naked in a Dumpster all day, shouting out to all comers about philanthropy in general and alms for me in particular, is pretty lonely. You get to noticing things. Today I saw this run down car parked outside Wealth Bondage, while the occupants, apparently, went shopping. The car had two bumper stickers. "Jesus Saves" on the right side, and "I read Rilke" on the other. It got me wondering. One person who somehow had gotten beyond our current cultural frames? A couple, bound for a quick divorce? Parent and child? Two owners of the car, with the Rilke person, more than likely, broke, buying the car used from the Jesus saves guy? Hard to tell. The meter expired and the car got towed to the impound lot. I will keep you posted if I learn anything more.

As told To Phil Cubeta over a Dixie Cup of Thunderbird. Tutor's oral midrash has been edited for grammar, spelling and cultural appropriateness, while stone cold sober, and is provided as a public service, on behalf of philanthropists everywhere. - PBC.