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The Price of Brand Dominance, Master Simon?

"Called by God": The Poetics of Virtues-Based Planning

Kardia Wealth Counseling:

We are an organization called by God to provide Biblically based Family Wealth Counseling services to affluent Christian families who have a heart for impacting the Kingdom of God.

By contrast, H.Peter Karoff writes on "the moral dimension of philanthropy." He has written of "the long distance call," but he does not claim divine guidance, though he quotes Rilke, who invoked angels. Still, the poetics of values-based, or virtues-based planning is an interesting topic. Some speak of "co-evolving a future;" others speak of "inspiration," some from within faith traditions as fundraisers quote scripture. I think we can identify in these trends a desire felt by many for heightened language that evokes a particularistic community, and ratifies an identity, founded in transcendent purpose. Speaking as a Morals Tutor myself, I expect business to pick up once I can drop the Ars Poetica and crib my language from a privileged source others have heard of, Star Wars, maybe. There may be an honest buck in this yet.