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Generation G

Is Love such a Bad Thing to Mention in Philanthropic Circles?

I spoke today for an hour with a social organizer turned giving advocate.  I mentioned that in writing about philanthropy in my official capacity as an educator at a reputable institution of higher learning, I find myself endlessly writing words like "love," "care," "compassion," and then deleting them as unbusinesslike. She too is unwilling to speak of love, as in charity, as in philia, both of which mean love, or come from old words for love. We confirm our own prison, each of us abstaining from the very language that best expresses our best thoughts and is most conducive to the social change we seek. I am going to go in tomorrow and undelete the word love. That is my final decision. Of coure to explain the word I will have to quote the Gospels ("Faith, hope and charity and the greatest of these is charity.") Getting Jesus mixed up in charity can't lead to anything good. So, maybe I will delete love after all. You can't be too careful these days.