A Small Change Updated
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Leadership Across the Sectors in A Democracy of Dunces

A Tiny Revolution:

Back in 2000, when Hank Paulson was CEO of Goldman Sachs, he testified in front of the Security and Exchange Commission. Among other things, he lobbied the SEC to enact a "change to self-regulation" for Wall Street.

Goldman Sachs is considered one of the most philanthropic firms on Wall Street. At the top, business, philanthropy, and governance seem to fuse. Paulson himself is a notable business leader, regulator, and giver. The fate of our markets, country, and species are in the hands of a few very capable people who just need $700 billion, more or less, to balance their books. For now what we need to get the bailout passed is $100 billion in tax breaks. This will stimulate the economy and help us service the debt. If that does not work, we can borrow more money and have more tax breaks. When things collapse those with money will buy things cheap from those they govern. That is how the free market works.