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The New Paradigm of Philanthropy

"The Coming Paradigm Shift in Philanthropy: It is not About the Money," by Dr. Susan Raymond.  The most perceptive, balanced, and thoughtful piece I have seen on the engaged philanthropy, aka "social investing. " Snip:

...the loyalty in the new paradigm is not between the giver and the receiver (let us use these terms for now; they are amended below), the loyalty is to the problem.  The philanthropist focuses not on the nonprofit receiving resources, but on the problem being solved.  If nonprofit A cannot demonstrate that it can solve the problem, nonprofit B is just as likely to be supported.  The question then is not “do you do good work?” but “can you demonstrate that you can fix the problem?”

...the new paradigm does not think of resource transfer as a matter of gifts.  The new paradigm uses an investment model, either in fact or by analogy.  In its most innovative forms, the new paradigm seeks to flow resources to problems in ways that create sustained institutional capability and force accountability to the funder.

Government failed, God died, traditional giving failed; fortunately, we have business minded social investors. We may not be accountable to much of anything, but at least we can be accountable to them. I myself am thinking of chastening my tone, and getting on board the new gravy train. Why mock it and when you consult to it? The problem, say, is social injustice. The solution is to be accountable to the rich, not that I am complaining, boss.