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Clark Rockefeller

Planned Gifts? Mostly Bequests, It Turns Out

Jonathan H. Gudema, Esq (a Managing Director, Planned Giving Services at Changing Our World):

What about the top 100 planned giving programs based on total dollars reported, including bequests and deferred gifts?  The average number of bequests was 73, for an average bequest size of $239,494.  The average number of deferred gifts was 39 for an average deferred gift size of $90,720.   Planned giving as a percentage of overall fundraising: 14.63%.  Bequests as a percentage of total planned giving:  83.06%.

Does this make planned giving a simple matter of reminding donors to remember your organization in their will? Or, does it mean that nonprofits should be working more closely with advisors on the donor's overall legacy plan, to give it some impact beyond self and family?