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Blessed Unrest

Inspired Legacy Men's Auxiliary

Ilhats1Here we are in Houston last weekend. Transforming philanthropy, civil society, ourselves and the world, while wearing reasonably funny hats. I am in the back row in the blue shirt, one of two token males in the Emergent Matriarchy that will dominate our collective future. You know it could be that unregenerate white males are often too busy running the world we have to take time out to create the world we want. It does raise the question, though, as to whether philanthropy is gendered female. Maybe that would explain why so many tough guy entrepreneurs talk instead about "venture philanthropy" and "social investing." They don't want to join the Men's Philanthropic Auxiliary? A key topic at the meeting was leadership. How can we engineer a shift not only in money but in power, so that the historically subordinate get their voices heard? Oddly enough, the historically subordinate groups include wealthy philanthropic women who have wealth by marriage (or divorce) or though inheritance.  (I speak subject to correction.)