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Opposition Research

In creating a theory of social change, presumably, for some issues you are talking about a model of conflict where some want the change (towards or away from white supremacy, say, for or against gay bashing, for or against jingoism, for or against centralization of power in global corporations, for or against the gutting of our Constitution). Those who favor change in this direction or that direction will meet resistance by oppositional groups, operating through overt and covert means, with or without support from funders, the police, homeland security, the National Security administration, the media, or paramilitaries whether nonprofit or forprofit. To understand who stands against you is opposition research. Those who do this work for progressives are few in number, and poorly funded, or without funding. They put themselves at physical risk by becoming intimately familiar with the opposition, and its propaganda. Among these opposition researchers are four whose views are profiled here, in a 2001 study by Jay Taber

Social change is happening all around us. We don't have to fund it, or cheerlead it. The change is happening on a grand scale, quite fast. All we have to do is get out the way, or get in the way, and maybe get hurt. My recommendation is to fund small inconsequential projects, and manage the inputs and outputs closely, while keeping your head down, nose clean, and options option. My boss and generous patron expects no less of me. She does not much like opposition.  Any research done here requires her permission.  "Freedom, Sweetie," she tells me, "means doing what I tell you and learning to like it." You may be working under similar constraints. With good medication, it feels like happiness to me.