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Year of the Pig

Support for a Full Range of Moral Systems

Tutoring clients in their morals is a tough job, almost like running a repair shop for all makes and models of automobiles. It is one thing to know how to repair a Ford Fiesta, and to stock the needed parts, but what if the client drives up in an Aston Martin? Same with morals. There are so many makes and models, from the post-modern, to the subaltern in various modes, to the Christian (meaning Evangelical), to the Catholic (meaning all inclusive but not Protestant), to the Buddhist, the Confucian,  and the New Age. We know that what car a person drives, what lifestyle they live, or what moral system they sport is a consumer choice in a free society. I am in favor of all that. But from a practical standpoint it makes it hard to service wealthy people with the spare parts and tune up their particular moral system requires. "What kind of morals you got there, and how can I be of assistance?" is generally a good opening gambit. From there we get into an estimate of parts and labor.  Where the car analogy breaks down is that most people know when their muffler is shot to hell, but few know when their morals are. So a lot of times I find myself trying to fix what the client says is not broken. This makes client retention difficult, and my receivables run slow. Maybe I should just open a junk yard.