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Holden Karnofsky's "Lapse in Judgment"

Holden Karnofsky spanked hard at Metafilter for employing sockpuppets to promote Givewell, his charity evaluation site.  His apology here. Givewell Board Member, Lucy Bernholz, responds here. Tim Ogden, another Board Member responds at Metafilter here. And Agitator weighs in here.  As the Happy Tutor reminds me, the proper sequence is, Confession, Contrition, Penance, Reconciliation, and Reform. In this case the Spanking preceded the Confession, but in time we will get to Reconciliation and Reform. We are all fallible, weak, given to temptation and sin. Let us forgive Holden, once he has taken the lesson to heart, as we would hope to be forgiven in our turn. His talent it too great for him to be sent to the Dumpster forever.

Added 1/5: Metafilter has a Wiki on Givewell and Holden.

Added 1/5: Lucy Bernholz, a Board Member at Givewell, asks on her blog what others would do in her position.