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Communicating Impact- Piddling as it might Be

Rich Polt of Louder than Words at Philantopic on communicating impact, whether metrics for the head for stories and pictures for the heart work better. 

By way of background on Rich's firm:

Louder Than Words’ mission is to communicate the inspirational stories of organizations and individuals to the world. We provide PR consulting and services to foundations, nonprofits, and businesses that are philanthropically minded, community-driven, and socially responsible.

Not surprisingly, Rich espouses stories over numbers, though he would concede, I am sure, that a good story works best when woven around real results.

All of this, though, feels too businesslike, whether it be metrics or PR. Here is Martin Luther King's call to action in the last speech he ever gave, the day before he was gunned down in Memphis:

Let us rise up tonight with a greater readiness. Let us stand with a greater determination. and let us move on in these days of challenge to make of America what it ought to be.

Facing dogs and mace, and as it turned out a sniper's rifle, he called for unity, peaceful protest, and justice. What we now seek are metrics and pr. How could such piddling protocols ever even hope to make America what it ought to be?