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The Power of Many Donors, Peer to Peer

Don't Tell the Donor makes a passionate appeal for small dollar, high volume fundraising rather than, or in addition to, big dollar, major gift philanthropy. Although I work in the wealth transfer business where large dollars are courted, as a citizen I agree that it is lots of small gifts that give a nonprofit its mandate. Peer to peer philanthropy, or giving, seems the coming thing today on the net with the Gen X crowd. I enjoy those relationships, conversations, and friendships.  I hope over time that the big givers adopt that peer to peer culture.  In the Boomer generation, progressives like Tracy Gary still feel that way as they have since, say, the founding of Foundation Exchange in the 60s. The power of many is power to the people all over again, and long may it thrive.  Big givers are welcome in this networks too, but should not presume to dominate.