One Bottom Line and it Ain't Money
Satan Anagram Santa

Money Changer Double Bottom Line Social Venture

Satan's crew reason as follows: By installing a money changing table in the Temple we can achieve a double bottom line:

  • Drive more business to the Temple
  • Make more money for ourselves.

This Christmas let us celebrate the man with a whip.  He could forgive the adulterer; he forgave those who crucified him. He healed the sick, the blind, the halt and the lame. But the money changers in the temple he did not forgive, nor did he heal them.  The one sin Christ will not forgive is materialism. The only cure is the whip. I can only imagine the look on our Savior's face as the Social Venture Entrepreneurs fled his lash. Sadistic glee? I know that is how it makes me feel. ("The devil made me do it," said Jesus. "No one is perfect.")