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The Word of God And How to Evade It: A Practical Demonstration

AKMA, a theologian, writes of Biblical interpretation, "in an ultimate mode of reading, interpretations that do not conclude in committed practice partake of rejection of the truth." Certain modes of discourse mean to leave us changed. Propaganda, sales talks, marketing, parables, socratic dialogue, Zen slaps, the pranks of Diogenes, parental lectures, sermons, soun-dbites, LSD induced fugue as interrogation practice, and certain poems, particularly satire.  In hermeneutics it is usually the reader who is personified as stalking a text that shyly evades him like a deer in the woods.  In my experience, it is more often the author who, like an archer, stalks the errant reader.  The truth befalls us, like a catastrophe.  If it takes two to communicate, God and me, whose fault is it that I am no better than I should be? Prowling the alley behind Wealth Bond*age, teaching values to separate the wealthy from their valuables - sure it's a scam like any other. Blame God, if you get shafted. I am just doing what comes naturally. If God wanted me honest, He would have made me honest. Besides, I'm Born Again, so it makes no difference to my salvation what I do. That's Christian Doctrine. Ask Akma.