Check Your Moral Health Today
Imposing Moral Health on those Who Are Morally Ill and Contagious

The Role of the Holy Fool

A Ministry of Fools who sleep on the street with the homeless.  Kevin, what has that got to do with triple bottom line social ventures, or Life Coaching, or Inspired Philanthropy, or The World We Want, or Success to Significance, or Values-Based Planning? Everything. Unless you realize how dead are our cliches, how moribund our "paradigm," how sick  our concept of normal,  how debased our concept of success and how asinine our concept of significance, how can you ever become a true Fool? We are engaged in the cure of souls. Clerics in the Houses of Worship seldom even attempt it anymore. The consider it presumptuous. Parishioners like clients and World Leaders are content to be corrupt.  They are feeling no pain on that score. Their need is not  felt.  If the Priest or Rabbi does have the temerity to seize a Parishioner, much less a President, and attempt to drive out demons,  those of  Self-Deception, Hubris, and Vanity, those of Brands and Propaganda,  he might be arrested for assault or treated as an Enemy of the State.  If we are to cure the souls of our clients, or victims, much less our leaders, we must first cure ourselves of vanity, and of fear. The first sign of wisdom is Motley.  Anyone who thinks that The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people and the like are enough is a Fool, and bad one, lacking humor. Ignorance, dogma, and complacency, bourgeois striving for measurable results denominated in inches, ounces, or dollars are virtues up to a point because they connect you to the mass market and the mass mind in a society devoted to base enjoyments.  But to cure yourself and others you must go a lonelier way. From which study and self creation you must appear mad. Only then, under the aspect of a Madman, might you offer moral counsel to a  King, a CEO, or a President, and even then at your own risk.