Success To Significance, or the Vanity of Human Wishes
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My Moral Biography: In Which I Come Clean

The Moral Biographies of Wealthy Clients - models thereof? Saints lives? Or, St Augustine's Confessions? Rousseau's Confessions? Browning's, "The Bishop Orders his Tomb"? A Rogue's Progress? Moll Flanders? Dr. Paul Schervish, trained orginally as a Jesuit, is the recognized expert on moral biographies of wealth, or as he sometimes calls them, "Gospels of Wealth." Having read a few of his, most of them in the mode of Horatio Alger, I wonder why Paul doesn't end them, as would a Father Confessor, by assigning penance and restitution, ending with,  "Go and sin no more." Well, obviously, Paul is not wanting to offend the Wealthy.  He went into all this reading St. Augustine, and ended up with Atlas Shrugged.  We can do better, Paul, or own Moral Biography will not pass muster with the Big Guy Upstairs. We moralists, or common Fools, are not here on earth to admire the vanities of wealthy people, but to cure them of their vice and folly. We too have a talent that is death to hide.  Let me make it clear that I am not judging anyone. I have a few skeletons in my own closet. I am not proud of what I do for money. But we all have to make compromises in the best interest of Wealth Bond*ge: The Great American Freedom Machine. God knows, I have. But at least I own up to the sleazy things I do,  rather than writing some bogus Moral Biography and making myself seem like a Saint. We all have our secret lives, don't we? The less said the better, I guess.  Mum's the word.