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Check Your Moral Health Today

Tom, who knows me of old, writes:

Phil Cubeta at Gifthub offers many in the philanthropic community the opportunity to encounter -- in the marketplace of ideas, if not in an actual agora -- a wide spectrum of viewpoints, analyses, beggaring tutors, situationists, scabrous satirists, righteous indignationists, dedicated world-changers, jesters, philosophes, mastiffs of spite, poodles of privilege, noble gooddooers, motley lost-in-the-blogsphere waifs, carnivalesque bacchantes, bollocks detection agents, opinionasters, lecturers, pansophists, barrel-inhabiting flea gatherers, tick collectors and other pungent calibrators of the Zeitcloud.

He goes on to make a pragmatic suggestion that might make some social venture entrepreneur a few dollars.  Pansophistry is not enough for us anymore? We seek lucre? How ignoble. I disdain your mucky pelf. Really, though, I should turn Tom's wondrous list into a reader survey. Please circle the categories above to which you belong. I suspect the bulk of my readers are righteous indignationists, but am thinking of catering more to the barrel inhabiting flea gathers. How might I assuage your moral hunger, gentle reader? Your journey (wheeze) from "success to significance," starts with a sojourn in the Dumpster. It all Jungian:  Death, rebirth, the dark night of the soul. That is why we have you sleep on a sack of garbage as a reminder of your mortal transit. (Tom will recognize the allusion to John Donne who slept in his coffin.) I as your Morals Tutor must create your moral biography under the aspect of eternity if I am to ever eke out a modest living at this. You are precious to me, each and every one of you. But to tell the truth your moral biographies all sort of run together.   I know your immortal soul is a serious subject, and I don't mean to jest.  I am just a little drunk. What kind of money you got, anyway?  Big money and I will stick my head in a bucket of cold water and see if I can sober up.  I am sorry I don't mean to disrespect your net worth. We will work with what you have.  When did you first dream of a better world? When was the last time you saw a physician for the soul? Your last checkup? Any moral problems I should know about upfront? Any mortal sins run in your family?  Of your ancestors  which are in hell, as far as you know?  Did they pass their family values on to you? Have you passed them on to your spouse or children, or have you taken preventive measures? Is satire covered under your health plan?