Trebor Scholz on The Social Web: A Promise Betrayed?
A Distinquished Visitor to Give and Take

Finding Ourselves and One Another for a Better Life in a Better World

"Finding People to Make a Living With," by Dave Pollard at How to Save the World.  Could also be entitled, finding people to make a movement with, to make a meaningful life, or to create the world we want.  How can we mashup Dave Pollard and H. Peter Karoff, to take just two seminal figures concerned with building a life worth living? (I found the Pollard link within Michel Bauwens's take on Trebor Scholz.  Does William Schambra follow such links? Might he or Karoff convene a panel to get the online and offline conversations about making a life, making a living, and civil society to converge? I wrote Bill asking if he might.)