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The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy

The New Jew:

Welcome to my new blog: “The New Jew– Blogging Jewish Philanthropy.”Philanthropy, especially Jewish philanthropy is my passion. What does this mean? I believe that there are so many people who are ardently committed to making positive change in the world, but don’t know how to go about it. I hope that (in partnership with this blog) will act as a conduit in helping provide connections to the Jewish world and its resources.

There are so many great non-profit and fundraising blogs that I have come across, and hope to partner with, but The New Jew will be devoted to Jewish philanthropy specifically as an area that deserves more focus and attention.

Let’s get started. I can’t wait to begin.

Gifthub is included on the sidebar as a resource. I hope we can partner, New Jew.  Philanthropy as a category in the Dewey Decimal System gets a little dull. The adrenaline starts to run when we start talking about LDS Philanthropy, Jewish Philanthropy, Women's Philanthropy, Social Change Philanthropy, Catholic Philanthropy, Conservative Philanthropy, Pentecostal Philanthropy, Black Philanthropy, GBLT Philanthropy, Muslim Philanthropy, Dallas Philanthropy. Philanthropy without the adjective defining a community (by place, affinity, issue, or end in view) is inert.  I find that I enjoy partnering with passionate community-minded, issue driven, people, even if they and I are not members of the same community and are not passionate about the same issues. I respect their passion and commitments, and ask that they forgive me for mine.  I call that open society, civil society or democracy. Jews in America have long been in the forefront of keeping our society open.