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"Class Envy" in Montana - The Ameya Preserve Saga

Remember the dust up over Ameya Preserve? Well the controversy keeps escalating. Here is the social entrepreneur, Wade Dokken, lashing back at citizens and bloggers who question his upscale development in Montana.


A letter from the local paper responds.


My original post drew on a press release emailed me by a PR firm working for Dokken. My sense of the project was that it was in the tradition of The Great Gatsby.  I saw it as a wonderful American Fable of wealth, luxury, high society, good taste and bad taste.  Since they are inviting Geniuses to Ameya to sweeten the deal for the Rising Aristocrats,  I offered to come as a resident Morals Tutor to America's Wealthiest Families, or at least a World Class Fool, if the money is right, that is.  Offer still stands. It is for lack of a Fool that many wealthy people historically have come a cropper through hubris.  Even in America such things can happen. All the money spent on PR firms in many cases would be better spent on Moral Instructors in Motley. But, then, I have a vested interest in saying so.  It may be that Wade already has all the Fools he needs on retainer.

UPDATE: The writer of the letter to the editor quoted above, Charlotte McGuinn Freeman, has a blog and links back to our post.  Her blog is suitably entitled, Living Small: Thoughts on Literature, Food, Faith, and subversive faith of living small.