Romans and Greeks in Philanthropy
New Progressive Coalition Announces Changes

Old Versus New Philanthropy: A View from the Dumpster

Another take on new and old philanthropy by Tom Watson, with good quotations by sage foundation notables, brash new social venture funders, and various bloggers.   If I were old and wise I would agree with Susan Beresford of Ford that the young would do well to learn from their elders. If I were young and rich I would agree with the Google crowd that the old order has passed into better hands.  As I am in the uncomfortable position of being old, broke, and unwise,  let alone hungry, drunk, and incontinent, I settle for aggravating all concerned by pantoming both sides of the debate while standing unsteadily on a sack of garbage in my Dumpster. "Ladies and Gentlemen, young and old, who will help me most? Give generously and I will tell you who has done a better job!" They never listen. They are only interested in themselves.