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Former CEO of American Skandia Uses 75% of net worth to create 11,000-acre private vacation destination in Montana wilderness

Ameya Preserve - double bottom line luxury housing development? See press release below.  I wonder if the community could use a 24/7 Morals Tutor to the Families in Residence? They got Nature. They got High Culture.  They got Boundless Endeavors. They got $2 million homesites.  They got a sprinkling of Habitat for Humanity Homes.  They got Intellectual Amenities.  But do they have a World Class Fool?


I do the public relations for the Ameya Preserve and thought you might be interested in the below story. First time real estate developer puts it on the line. Wade Dokken has always believed in the philosophy of using private capital for public good. Now, he’s getting his chance to put his money where his mouth is. Dokken, former CEO of American Skandia, the U.S. division of Skandia of Sweden that was sold to Prudential Financial in 2003, recently leveraged pretty much his entire net worth to develop the Ameya Preserve (, a new model for a second and/or third home community set in Paradise Valley, Montana, that allows its members access to unmatched intellectual, physical and wildlife experiences. Dokken has simultaneously committed to only developing 500 acres of this 11,000 acre property and donating $90 million of the profits. Dokken promises that: --The Ameya Preserve Foundation (funded by a half percent of Ameya Preserve lot sales) will donate a portion of revenues to sponsor educational, social and housing initiatives in nearby Livingston and Bozeman Montana --Ameya Preserve is committed to building one home for Habitat for Humanity for every 50 built on the property --Ameya Preserve is sponsoring two new teachers of advanced curriculum at Livingston High School, which will provide five new AP courses -- His commitment extends beyond Montana: a gift of one home site valued at $2 million to New York City’s Robin Hood Foundation will help to fight poverty In order to achieve his philanthropic goals, Dokken is banking on more than his own net worth. He is betting that opportunities to engage with cultural luminaries such as culinary innovator, Alice Waters and renowned paleontologist, Jack Horner, who will have residences on and develop programming for Ameya Preserve, brings a new type of intellectual amenity into the second home community market that will differentiate Ameya Preserve and drive sales.

Please e-mail at or call at 212.601.8209 if you need more information or have any questions or want to talk with Mr. Dokken. George Medici VP, National Media Relations Porter Novelli 450 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017 Phone: 212.601.8209 Fax: 212.601.8101 Cell: 646.295.8218