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Is Philanthropy Blogging Respectable Yet?

Philanthropybeat is blogging again. Wish Albert Ruesga would join back in.  Maybe we need a Giving Blog Rating System; one to five white gloves.  The higher the glove count the lower the chance of altering the frame of the discourse. Natter and chatter, keep it upbeat. Let's save the world, gang, and offend no one in charge of the world as it is. No wonder Albert took it on the lam.  Mummy Minim, of the East Coast Hyena-Minims, was asking about him just the other day. Was he taking his Prozac? "No," I told her, "Albert is very well adjusted. He sees a chiropractor for that." "Well," she said, "that is as  may be, but he should see a barber about that dreadful  goatee.  Tell Albert and PB that if they prove themselves reliable, I will invite them both to speak at Council on Foundations on 'Changing the World: Grant Making from a Lackey's Perspective.'"