Solpath (Partially) Funded
To Bee or Not to Bee? On Social Ventures

WB Announces 2007 Funding for Gifhtub

"Give me a penny and I will sing you a song, but give me the penny first." - Swift.

Citing our continued contribution to her double bottom line, Candidia Cruikshanks, CEO of Wealth Bondage, has generously agreed to fund Gifthub for another year. And I get to use the Executive washroom. Thank you, Mistress. As an expression of my gratitude and that of our readers, I have commissioned  a poem from Frederick Turner in your honor: "Homage to Mistress Cruikshanks: an Allegory of the Free Market System, by One of Millions Pleased to be Her Thrall." He will sing it during our annual Charity Ball to the tune of an Old Woman Clothed in Grey. Tips as always are appreciated.