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Liberalism as a Fighting Creed, or The Folly of Taking a Stand

As a former professor of English, I am perhaps as well able to interpret the latest oration by the Happy Tutor as is Dr. Chadwallah, the Hidden Meaning Czar over at Wealth Bondage. I take it that the Tutor is calling upon all Americans, rich or poor, to reinstitute the principles of constitutional democracy, even at whatever risk to themselves in our ownership society at war with terror. Here at Gifthub, we take a more even-handed and more focused approach. We note with interest the doings of those on both sides, those who would subvert democracy and those who support it, so long as they are rich and philanthropy is their tool of choice. We assume that if it can filed under "Philanthropy," it our subject. For us to side with one political camp over another would be divisive, let alone bad for business, and potentially injurious to our personal well-being, when tempers run so high, and so much is done in secret, without any check or balance, by those in power. Best to rise above the fray, I always say. You can always find a way to ingratiate yourself with those with the upper hand, regardless of their ideology.  There is plenty of work in this giving business for those who can get things done for wealthy people as long as you don't make waves. I would rather be a Courtier on a velvet cushion, than a Genius on a sack of garbage. How about you?