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Munnecke Video Mentoring Bill Gates

Tom Munnecke, having transitioned from high tech to giving,  provides Bill Gates with advice on making the same transition.  He counsels Bill to reinforce uplifiting patterns that emerge from the grassroots, rather than imposing order and direction from above. 

With some wit and humor, Tom is really speaking not only to Bill but to millions of successful people who now in their middle or late middle years want to reinvest themselves in socially significant work.  This is not "retirement" for the Boomers, but what Ken Dychtwald calls The Power Years: A User's Guide for the Rest of your Life.  Our biggest contribution comes after making the bundle (or learning to live on less).  Whether it is financial services, legal services, nonprofit service, fundraising, social ve ntures, or philanthropy, our existing "silos" will be transformed by these insurgent Boomers, as they refuse to go gently in that good night. We are not the sort to put our feet up on the railing of the back porch and wait for death.  We may live to be one hundered and ten, so death could be a long wait. More importantly, now, as in our youth making a difference is a more compelling goal than just making a living, much less a killing.