Gramm-Leach-Bliley and the NSA: On the Confidentiality of Client Financial Data

The Silence of the Charities

Mark Rosenman in SSIR Blog,

Do you find it astounding that charities remained silent when Congress added $70 billion to the deficit last week by extending tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, further starving government programs? Even if that doesn't get to you, you've still got to wonder why all but a few nonprofit organizations and foundations (in spite of the activism of groups such as OMB Watch and United for a Fair Economy ) say nothing as the Senate approaches a vote that will decrease charitable donations by up to $25 billion a year. That's equivalent to stopping all annual grantmaking by the 110 largest US foundations...

Professors like Mark have tenure. Those of us who live on money raised have to be more concerned about our donors than about the poor or society at large. Candidia, my generous patron here at gifthub, has made her views clear to me through proper channels. For me to alienate her would be a career limiting move, to say the least. Better to keep our mouths shut. These matters are settled at a level far over my head or yours. Best to make ourselves useful in ways pleasing to those who pay our bills.