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The Poor are not a Problem

Notio saw this on the back of a foodbank van in Cambridge, MA.

"When I give food to the poor they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food they call me a communist." — Dom Hélder Camara

I asked my esteemed colleague, Joe McPatriot, what he thought.

"Consider the source, Cambridge, MA. That place is full of hippy, pointy-headed, communist sympathizers like John Kerry. Now, that jerk, Notio,  is from VT. The whole state is infested with Yuppie communists. Remember, Phil, the so-called "poor" are just rich people in the making. Poverty is not a problem, it is an opportunity. We are all going to be rich some day. This is America. Sure, some starve, but that is just nature's way of culling out the weak. 

"What poor? Man, we are so low on poor people we have to import them from Mexico. They take the jobs real Americans don't want.

"Competition, sometimes fierce, is the price of having truly great Americans like Candidia Cruikshanks stride across the world historical stage.  I wouldn't work for anyone else and I am not just saying that because she pays me. The liberals can never understand it, why some of us love Candidia. We don't submit to verbal humiliation and daily beatings just because she pays us. Heck, I would pay her for the privilege.  I did pay her, years ago, when she was just starting out as an up and coming Entrepreneur with nothing but the tube top on her back and a pair of high heel boots.  We as her minions don't just beat down on the poor.  She beats down on us too, and we love it,  so why shoudn't the poor? Groveling is as good as it gets.  I do it for love.  And I get paid for it too. Wealth Bond*ge is a win win situation.  That is why I proudly wear this W with a Flag on my car.

I don't know, there are good points on both sides.  Joe may be a little over top but Notio may well be a pinko, I mean that in a good sense. The truth is probably somewhere in between, as Dick Minim always says. Going along to get along is generally the best policy, particularly since Candidia pays my bills and monitors this blog.  The poor are not my problem. Like Joe said, they are an opportunity, I guess. You have to kind of flip the frame from negative to positive.  That way you can get "authentic happiness," without any kind of political turmoil. It may not be The World We Want per se, but it is close enough. At least I have a job.