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Rudolph Steiner Foundation

Interesting funding model for a foundation:

RSF is an innovative charitable service organization that uses several financial vehicles to fulfill its charitable purposes. RSF has no endowment, and its ability to accomplish its mission rests on the generosity of those who make loans  to RSF - our "investors" - and those who make gifts through RSF – our donor advisors. By investing in and donating through RSF,; you share in the accomplishment of our charitable mission and help expand  its impact....

There are two general ways you can place your financial resource in alignment with your ideals at RSF– by investing         and by donating.

Investing at RSF is simple and easy. Much like a savings account, you make an initial investment, and we start paying you interest. Unlike other financial institutions, though, with RSF you will know that your funds will be loaned by us directly to mission-aligned projects and organizations.  We take great care to protect your investment—and we have a remarkable  record of success with our mission-related loans. We will keep you informed  about the projects you support through your investment at RSF through our Quarterly news and our website, so that you will know where your money is working.

Donating to RSF is the beginning of a philanthropic journey. You can choose the best timing for your gift, then take time to recommend grants to your favorite charitable domestic and international organizations. Our service is designed to connect your heartfelt intentions to important and creative work being done in service to the world. A number of pathways exist at RSF to help you use your charitable contributions to further mission-related work.