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Who owns a community's or a nation's wealth? How can the benefits of an ownership society be spread around for the greater good? Community-Wealth provides

the web’s most comprehensive and up-to-date information resource on state-of-the-art strategies for democratic, community-based economic development.

Community Development Corporations, Community Development Financial Institutions, Employee Stock Option Plans, Community Land Trusts, Co-Ops, Social Enterprise, and Program Related Investments are among the topic areas. A great resource for those, across the political spectrum, who are interested in using market models for producing sustainable and positive social results.

Foundations and Government: Who is Responsible for Social Progrms?

Philanthropoid, "Is it the proper role of foundations to plug the gaps created by retreating public funds?" Assume they do fill the gaps in the safety net, what programs must then be defunded by the tapped out foundations? Advocacy for social change? You can hear Bill Schambra chortling. Let the bleeding hearts fund the losers, while the wealthy bear it away.

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