Phil Anthropoid
Allianz Study of "Legacies"

Phil Anthropoid on "Pewgate"

Philanthropoid patiently dissects Bill Schambra's ebullient polemic against Pew for its work on campaign finance reform. At issue is Wealth Bondage, whether the rich can purchase democracy, and whether their hired hands in the Think Tanks will be able to intimidate those funders like Pew who stand up for ordinary voters. Schambra himself is all in favor of grassroots giving, as long as the poor give to each other, and the tax cuts keep on coming for the rich so they have the extra cash to buy the next election. so they can get the next tax break, to buy the next election with propaganda made to order by hired hacks. The  culture wars are now being fought on the ground of philanthropy. The right sure does stay on message. Who put the hit out on Pew? And what does it pay? Bradley Foundation's name sure keeps popping up. And why not? Shouldn't both sides be able to fund their views, and encourage their allies and proxies?  Throwing money around to influence politics is free speech after all. And on that basis, the rich, not just Pew and Bradley Foundations, are certainly being heard. I hope through blogs those like Phil Anthropoid who think without being paid to follow a party line will finally be heard. We need real free speech, not just the boughten, think tank, kind.