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Convening the Conversation

Sleepwalkers - by Peter Karoff

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Peter is unable to attend our conference but has sent an as yet unpublished paper for us to consider, on our themes of civic engagement. Peter is not a blogger, but he works blogger-style, connecting many conversations, among the wealthiest and most privileged, those of lesser means, and those with nothing at all. He also works in several styles, both discursive and literary. In this draft, I think Peter would not mind my saying, there are echos of conversations he and I have carried on under our breath for years. The subtitle of his piece is, "an essay on confusion." He discusses and dramatizes the paralysis that this Conference is meant to break. I am sure Peter would welcome your comments. Mine? The sleepwalkers are assembling in Chicago. We are confused but see some things clearly enough. Thank you, Peter, for letting us publish the essay as a wake-up call.